VR Hack-a-thon #2 Wrap-up

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Recently, OrangeCountyVR hosted our second virtual reality hackathon at PeaopleSpace in Irvine. This time, it was bigger and the bigger than the first, attracting more than double the attendance. With so many more VR troopers, about 60, we had a much greater range of diverse talents including audio and hardware pros.

We chose to determine the theme as a group this time and quickly decided to go with “Horror”. After everyone got to know each other, we held an open “pitch” session where individuals presented their ideas to the group. We’ve worked out our voting process pretty well so that everyone has an equal voice and pre-determined groups can work together but also allow for new members. All told, we formed into 6 groups with a single goal, to scare the crap out of you in VR.

Phobia – Fire

Team Leader: Waqas Hussain
Joshua Salciddo
Aaron Daul
Matthew Clough-Hunter


Team Leader: Aaron Daly
Julian Blythe
Matthew Clough-Hunter
Manny Cabacungan

The Light

Team Leader: Jeff Macalino
Wael Elhaddad
Brian Grider
Mike Arevalo

Tomb of Shadows

Team Leader: Alex Moro
Brittany Dreher
Mike Moro

Ol’ Sparky

Team Leader: David Green
Aaron Rodriguez
Andy Johnson
Kendrick Parks
Arman Bastani

The Elevator

Team Leader: Tyler Andersen
Ivan Blaustein
Brian Levine

Our guest judges were again Andres Hernandez from Oculus VR (@cybereality) and Morris May from Specular Theory (@MorrisMayVFX). After being terrified by each experience, they named the following three winners:

First Place

Tomb of Shadows

Second Place

The Light

Third Place

The Elevator

Congratulations guys!!!

You can download (some) of these demos to try out for yourself on your own Oculus Rift below:

The Light

Mac | PC



The Elevator