VR Hack-a-thon #1 Wrap-up

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This past weekend, OrangeCountyVR hosted our very first hack-a-thon/game-jam dedicated to bringing together local developers and artist to share ideas, collaborate, and learn from each other. We had a blast and everyone got involved in the process. Our goal was simple, to create virtual reality experiences for education.

About 30 VR Troopers all-told, we shared ideas in an open-forum, bounced them around a bit, and finally landed on 5 solid concepts as follows.

Team #1

VR Classroom

Team Leader: Aaron Gutierrez

Team #2

Mystic Tours

Team Leader: Andy Johnson

Team #3

VR Typing Trainer

Team Leader: Jeff Macalino

Team #4


Team Leader: Alex Moro

Team #5

Bad Experiences

David Green

Our guest judges were Andres Hernandez from Oculus VR (@cybereality) and Morris May from Specular Theory (@MorrisMayVFX). After some super-serious judging and deliberating (i.e. playing video games in VR), they awarded the first place prize to the team from “VR Typing Trainer”.

Congratulations guys!!!